Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Print your Photos onto Magnet [Hint:] Done in 5 minutes!

We know you are busy, so let’s keep this short and easy. Let’s aim to finish in 5 minutes including reading this post 🙂 Will you? Please let me show you a graphic here, after all, a picture speaks a thousand words. Here is how simple it is to print your photo onto fridge magnets,

Newborn Baby Gift Ideas in Malaysia

There will always be a time in our lives wherein we need to give gifts for a friend or relative’s newborn child. Baby stuff like clothes, baby bottles and tiny little hats are always cute, but are you that sure that it will fit and complement the baby that nicely? If you’re as meticulous when

Gift Ideas for Travelers Malaysia

Are you one of those people whom are friends with travellers who skip from one continent to another every single year? You may not see that friend very often but we can guarantee you that once you give that friend any item on our list, they’ll surely love you for it. Treasure the adventure –      

Gift Ideas for Family in Malaysia

On whatever occasion, gifts are most likely to be given to provide more joy and laughter to the family. If you’ve gone through every website just so you can figure out what they would want to receive and is losing hope, then check out our list. A personalized magnet from Are you serious? Yes

Gift Ideas for Sweet 16 Malaysia

In the United States, a girl’s 16th birthday marks her coming of age. The trend has been embraced not just by Americans and Europeans, but the whole world also. Whether that girl if your daughter or not, you should plan ahead to give her the best coming of age present ever. If all you can

Gift Ideas for Mother in law Malaysia

She’s not your teacher but you can treat her as your second mother in your new home. A mother in law is proof that you can always get twice the fun in many things. If your own parents have given you that much joy when you were single, then that’s how much more you’ll have

Gift Ideas for Employees in Malaysia

Whether you’re that employee’s manager of the friend, it is nice to reward him the gift that he deserves for his hardwork. Does that employee sacrifice his social life just so he can finish his job the way it needs to be done? A monthly bonus isn’t enough to compensate for that because hardworking people

Gift Ideas for College Students in Malaysia

When a family member is off to college or is graduating from it, people can’t help but celebrate the occasion. Among many of the achievement in a person’s life, being in college is one step ahead from having a high school diploma. If you’re out of free stuff to give to that college graduate or

Cute Gift Ideas in Malaysia

If your friend is up for any gift that is cute, we know you’ve got lots of options in your head already. But are they that unique? Check out our list for cute gift ideas and you might just cancel your plans to go to that shop that sells cutesy stuff your friend won’t likely

Romantic Gift Ideas in Malaysia

To romance things up does not require flowers and a few lit candles; it takes more than that to make it special. But you don’t need to go all the way with shutting down the whole museum just so the both of you can take a romantic trip to the past. All you need are