Complete step-by-step guide turning your instagram photos into magnets (email order)

To place email order to print your Instagram magnets, please follow the following steps.

Complete step-by-step guide to turn your instagram photos into magnets (online-order)

To place online order to print your Instagram magnets, please follow the following steps.

Your instagram print magnets service, is it shipping worldwide?

Not at the moment, we only ship within Malaysia only.

I would like to turn instagram into magnets and surprise my girl friend. Can i ship to seperate address?

Yes, you can write a different shipping address in every order.

My instagram photo on magnets are unclear! Why is this so?

We are sorry to hear this … however, all orders are pulling directly from Instagram with same resolution and size. The poor quality of this shot is due to lost focus during shooting itself.

I would like to print instagram pictures to magnets in private, can this be done?

Yes, you can create a private account specially for printing Instagram magnets.

I have placed order to print instagram magnets with you, can i track my order?

Our free, standard shipping doesn’t comes with the order tracking feature.

I wouldn’t want to use my instagram photos to magnets, can I use photos from other sources?

We’ve created business entirely around Instagram! We definitely love Instagram and this enable us to ensure highest quality on magnets because all Instagram photos come in good resolution.

Can i delete my instagram picture after my magnets has been printed?

Please do not delete your images until you have received your printing. Only then, we will be able to print and deliver to you.

My order hasn’t arrived yet. Where are my magnets from instagram photos

It can take up to 14 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) for your order to arrive, it very much depends on your location. If your order is taking longer, please get in touch with us.